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The counter-strike: Global offensive major championships, popularly known as Majors. Valve, the renowned game developer company sponsored this game. The first time this game took place was in the year 2013, Sweden.  The name of the host company was Dreamhack. It offered Us4250000 and the team was divided among 16 groups. After the Dreamhack, numerous companies came to host the tournament. The names of the companies were ESL (2014), ESL One cologne 2014 (august 2014), Dreamhack winter (November 2014), and many more.

The prizes are offered in CS: GO Esports tournament

What kind of prizes are being offered, it is completely up to the decision of the host company. Some hosts organize the events without an award. The purpose is to have fun only.  Cash rewards, gift cards for Google Play, Amazon, subscription codes are also offered to the winners for this tournament.

How to sign in cs: go tournament

  • Firstly, players need to go to the tournament tab and choose the right tournament that they want to play.
  • Then after selecting join the tournament option
  • Your participation needs to be confirmed.
  • If you want to leave the tournament, you need to click the option “leave tournament” on the page.
  • It needs to be noted that other teams can take your slot.
  • After the commencement of the tournament, you can see that the device gives you a reminder that the game is ready at the bottom right corner. After that, click the “ go to the match option”
  • You can see the “time before voting starts” in the match lobby. Then be prepared to choose your map.
  • Take your map
  • Now you need to check the result of the selection of the map for the match and enter the game. After that, you can start playing by connecting the game.

How much money the cs:go tournament offers as prize money


In 2020 the estimated prize of that tournament was 15.85 million us dollars,  in 2019 it was 21.77 us million dollars, in 2018 it was 22.65 million us dollars and many more.

The top platforms which offer the counter-strike: global offense game in their sites

Many people like to choose this game as a career. Even some novice is also interested in this playing also. Let’s discuss the esports betting platforms which are associated with this game. Tornamment.com, Pinnacle thunder pick, Betway esports, Bet365, 888sport, Betsafe, UNIBET, LeoVegas, Betsson, Arcanebet are the sites that offer CS:GO esports tournaments.

How to freely joint the counter strike: go game:

Players will get the automatic upgrading to prime status at free of cost.

The rules need to follow the cs:go tournament:

  • Players play all the games remotely by enabling valve anti-cheat
  • Players play the game on the official site of CS:GO to make it authentic.
  • Games should be played with default mode for maintaining competition. If the non-default option is being used, the match will replay again with correction.
  • The team needs to score 16 to win.